3 July, 2018

Hooray! Victory is ours!

PECHATNYA Printing Solutions took part in the major international exhibition of the packaging industry RosUpack-2018 and returned with a double victory.

The packaging, produced by the printing house was highly recognized by the professional jury of the Part Awards competition as part of the RosUpack-2018 exhibition. PECHATNYA received a winner's certificate and a 2nd place certificate in the nomination “Manufacturer of the Year” in the category “Packaging for Retail”.

First place was awarded to a joint project between our company and Alcor & Co LLC - packaging for Make up L'ETOILE selection COFFRET ID (IDeal Eyebrow Aids). Part of the design was originally conceived to repeat the curves of the perfect eyebrow. It is imitated by a shaped cut on a box. In fact, this is a combination of two independent rims, which are fixed on the tray with products and do not jump off due to a special internal lock. The layout was designed in such a way that when you open the box, not having yet reached the product itself, you can observe what it will look like at the ends of the package.

Second place was awarded to PECHATNYA's packaging for cosmetic line DOLCE MILK (refreshing eye contour cream by Loren Cosmetic LLC). At first glance, this is a usual box of cream. Yet, once you take the package in your hands, you cannot put it back. Everything works in the complex: selected materials, finishing and design. Lamination with a matte film makes the tactile packaging really pleasant for touch. The smooth edges of the top of the package make it look complete. Once you slightly open it and the upper lock springs in your hands. This function is performed by graceful, figurally folded double side flaps in the form of petals. The aesthetic appearance of the packaging is flawless! Many consumers like to keep their packaging - this is one of them!

In total, seven samples of PECHATNYA's: products took part in the competition: boxes with sophisticated and elegant finishes, interesting designs in the form of a milk jug, packing-box, packing-chest and others. With each new project, the task of PECHATNYA's team is to turn a customer's idea into a ready-made product worthy of the attention of customers.