4 May, 2017

Everything's under control! «PECHATNYA» printing house acquires second Accucheck

In the printing house "PECHATNYA", a new folding-gluing line, ExpertFold 80A, from the Swiss company Bobst, with the Accucheck quality control system, was launched at the gluing site. The Accucheck system is the final point in the process of checking the quality of printed products. It is installed as a workpiece progresses through the folder-gluing machine.

Accucheck scans an unfolded package and compares it against a given sample. Colour matching is determined by measuring the E delta in the areas chosen for checking by the operator. If even a minor deviation in colour is found, a box is discarded.

Boxes are also rejected if any inconsistency in other parameters like design, text match, pattern superimposition, quality of printing and embossing (no spots, scratches, mottles, low areas), etc., is found. It is important to note that once a box is rejected it can’t be used anymore, since it is deformed.

In the printing house "PECHATNYA" there are now two Accucheck scanners. The first one is installed on the ExpertFold50A2 machine.

Among the advantages of the folding-gluing line ExpertFold 80A:

  • gluing speed up to 450 m / min. (up to 130,000 boxes per hour);
  • format in the scan from 40 to 800 mm;
  • HHS system of reading the pharm code (100% exclusion of product re-sorting);
  • HHS tracking system for glue application (except for peeling)
  • automatic packing system in CartonPack boxes;
  • quality control system Accucheck (reads at speeds up to 275 m / min).

Take note that the distinctive feature of the production site of the printing house «PECHATNYA» is that it's a closed system for quality control of products. The technological cycle consists of five operations: prepress, printing, postprinting processing, cutting, gluing and packaging. In the first two operations the human factor issues have been resolved by automated control systems. These systems guarantee the finest quality for the manufactured products.