10 July, 2020

Company advantages

Distinctive features or advantages are what sets any company apart in the market. In business, detaching yourself from your competitors is important for making a profit and realizing the most promising opportunities.
Marketing solutions help to build development in a different way, not like everyone else, and they are based on the goal and objectives of the company's strategy.

Let's get acquainted with the advantages of "PECHATNYA"!
We are an enterprise-Technopark (an example to follow and a serious competitor. Technical equipment of our company is the only one in Russia and the CIS countries).
Golden Fund of specialists (experienced technologists, printers, designers, designers with serious experience in printing)
Passing industry audits (we pass more than 35 industry and certification audits a year)
Raw materials stocks (own warehouses. Direct deliveries of raw materials from manufacturers).
Strong customer support (competent and thoughtful orders. The client is led not only by the sales Manager, but also by the support Manager).
We carry out "expensive" orders (we make cardboard packages with exclusive ones. complex finishes).
We see only new opportunities ahead!