8 October, 2021

Capricious raw materials: cardboard and paper

Capricious raw materials: cardboard and paper

Maria is an employee of the quality control department. She takes measurements of the moisture content of the cardboard.

The fact is that cardboard and paper are very capricious raw materials, sensitive to moisture levels and because of which they can lose their strength characteristics. For cardboard packaging, agree, a critical indicator.

Our production manufactures secondary packaging for pharmaceuticals, primary and secondary packaging for food products, as well as boxes for the beauty industry. Each of the industries has its own strict requirements and standards for the production of packaging.

In order for the box to fulfill its mission 100% - to adequately present the goods inside and preserve it, one thing is invariably the quality at all stages of its production.

Increased humidity, for example, deforms cardboard, sheets swell, change their size, lose strength. When drying, the raw material becomes brittle, cracks and is not suitable for printing.

Therefore, an integral part in the technological printing process, and even more complex offset, is the constant monitoring of the moisture level of cardboard.

The absolute moisture measurement of raw materials is carried out upon receipt, before printing, before cutting or at other stages, depending on the incoming input data.

Today Maria is making control measurements of already printed sheets before the "cutting down" operation.

Each season has its own % humidity indicator. If there is a deviation from the norms, the raw materials undergo acclimatization. Special humidification systems are installed throughout the production.