23 September, 2016



Representatives of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) visited "PECHATNYA" printing house. During a 2-day visit, the delegation was to check the production, internal processes, procedures, raw materials and finished products.

It was the second planned visit of ISO auditors under the quality management system ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005 established across the company. The delegation was welcomed by representatives of "PECHATNYA"’s quality control department.

The offset printing of cardboard packaging, was an object of the audit. The auditors met with designers and technological supervisors, got familiar with the hot stamping and stencil UV varnishing technologies. They also visited carving, cutting and gluing facilities. The auditors paid most close attention to all processes as the упаковка в пищевой отрасли must fully comply with the sanitary and environmental standards.
The auditors also verified how the company complies with the legislative, regulatory and contractual requirements and fulfill its customer obligations.

After completion of the check the auditors suggested a number of improvements that are going to be reviewed and introduced in the company once they are approved.
Compliance with ISO standards has its benefits. including optimization of operations thereby improving the end result, increasing the product quality, inspiring confidence in consumers regarding safety of the final product, improving customer satisfaction and increasing sales volume, removing trade barriers and opening new markets.