10 July, 2020

20 YEARS is just the beginning!

Today is the 20th anniversary of our company "PECHATNYA", I can't believe it! So much and so little at the same time.
We have reached new heights, gained new knowledge and experience and brought the company to the TOP leaders of the printing market.

All together! Clients, partners, employees – we develop together with you and help you develop. This is our mission, the principle that we will continue to follow!
We really have something to be proud of. Today, we work with the leading pharmaceutical, food market, perfume and cosmetics industries, which are also leaders in their fields. Our suppliers are located almost all over the world – Asia, Scandinavia, Western Europe.
And many of our employees. the "Golden Fund", their professionalism, is known in other countries.
We congratulate everyone on the 20th anniversary of PECHATNYA. Development, perfection, new heights, all tasks will be achievable, because we are a team! Happy holidays!

Watch a VIDEO about how we grow and develop!