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The PECHATNYA Printing House Installs New Additional Equipment

The PECHATNYA Printing House is set to launch a new production line significantly expanding opportunities for both present and future clients. The project includes another cardboard packaging and instructions full-cycle production site, and, additionally, a flexography shop.

The PECHATNYA Printing House is ambitious in its future plans and during this difficult economic period continues actively producing, steadily growing and investing in new equipment. Today the company’s production area is equipped in the best way possible in order to manufacture cardboard packaging and instructions, including remarkable printing equipment by world leading manufacturers (KBA, BOBST, Giets and Heidelberg).

A distinctive feature of the production is a closed-loop quality management system of our products. The latest automatic quality control systems are installed in the leading areas of the PECHATNYA printing house, such as pre-press, printing, gluing and packaging.

The automated corrector proofreads the text by comparing it to the original file. Another machine controls print quality during fitting and printing. The Qualitronic Professional control system uses a video camera to monitor colors and errors on each printed sheet at full production speed. At the end of the process chain, during gluing, the Accucheck control line scans an unfolded cardboard box and compares it against the template by color, pattern, print quality and embossing. Due to all this equipment, PECHATNYA is the only company in the industry that guarantees 100% quality of products.

Using automated programs in our production has direct impact on the speed of order execution, order amounts, while also reducing industrial waste. All of this allows us to make the price of our products competitive for our partners.

Since the installation of the equipment mentioned above in 2014, it has shown excellent results, therefore the printing house’s management decided to purchase another chain of the full-cycle cardboard packaging production equipment. An additional Rapida 106(6) printing machine manufactured by the German concern KBA will be installed on the production site. This machine makes it possible to create high quality products with a simultaneous application of two lacquers. The main production stages will also be supervised by both Qualitronic Professional and Accucheck control  systems.

 Since the beginning of 2016 the printing house has already added more machines for the instructions (insert cards) production. Now it includes three printing (two and four color) machines with a sheet turnover option, sheet cutting machine, automatic banding machine and automatic thermo packaging equipment.

 By the end of 2016 a highly demanded narrow roll flexography shop will be launched. It will allow for printing on flexible materials.

 PECHATNYA has doubled the production site area for the new project. The amount of end products will increase because of the growing demand for our products due to import substitution industrialization. Today cardboard packages and instructions for pharmaceutical, food, perfume and cosmetics, as well as other industries manufactured by the printing house are exported to the CIS countries in addition to the domestic market. Along with the expansion of production site the company is planning to increase its export and find new partners. The PECHATNYA printing house intends to fully launch the project by spring 2017.

 Pharmaceutical industry will be the first to learn about the new printing capabilities provided by the printing house. This will happen very soon, at the “Pharmtech-2016” exhibition in Moscow, this November.