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PECHATNYA Printing House has purchased a new High-Tech printing machine.

The idea has turned into the current technology due to the efforts of KBA (Germany) – one of the world-leading manufacturers of printing equipment.

A number of characteristics have been taken into account upon purchasing a new printing machine: high automation, performance, speed, measuring and controlling technologies. Since the Company invests in quality, developing the production system in a way to minimize waste and scrap products with the help of unique systems and machines, time-proven German equipment has been chosen again.

Rapida 106-6-LTTL (universal) is already the second printing machine in PECHATNYA along with the previously acquired Rapida 106-8. The machine is unique in its performance. It was configured by German specialists in accordance with customer requests of the Company focusing on cutting-edge quality control options.

The major options include:


- printing quality control of each sheet;


- automatic on-press densitometer and color management system;


- output of all measurement results through the portal to the smart control panel;


- storage and display of failure frames and other useful options.


The camera system controls the conformity with control strips at a speed of up to 18 000 sheets/ h.

At the moment Rapida 106-6 is being installed in Pechatnya facilities; the gradual adjustment of all control systems will be launched once the installation is finished. In spite of the similar operation principle of the previous Rapida printing machine, specialists of the company are going to training at the KBA production plant in Radebeul near Dresden (Germany). The printing machine is scheduled to enter full production in February of this year.

Increasing the company’s equipment fleet is a part of a large-scale project of PECHATNYA Printing House that started last autumn in order to double the expansion of productive capacities. Established in 2000, the company constantly improves its production capacities and technologies, and invests its funds into new projects. In 2017, in addition to cardboard packaging and instructions, the company is going to produce self-adhesive labels and provide partners with a new service such as printing on tube laminate.

Today, the company uses equipment with automatic quality control options manufactured by the leading European producers (KBA, BOBST, Gietz, Heidelberg): 7 printing machines, 6 beam cutters, 8 carton box fabricating lines, 2 foil embossing machines.



- sheet format: max. 740 x 1.060 mm                                                        

- print format: max. 730 x 1.050 мм
- thickness of printing carriers: up to 450 gr/m2
- production speed: max. 18 000 sheets/h


- high UV gloss due to the coating on a dry surface;  
- capability to coat  simultaneously with 2 UV varnish IN LINE;                                                       
- operation on non-absorbent surfaces (kraft, plastic sheet, metallized cartoon); 
- UV-ink printing  both in all sections and optionally in conjunction with offset inks without shaft moving;                                                                    
- no erase on FAS-side of UV inks;                                                              
- quality control with QUALITRONIC PROFESSIONAL.