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Careers in our company

We invite you to join the team of professionals!

In our work with the employees, we are committed to building long-term relationships.

We take seriously the interests of each employee of our company, so we are responsible for:

  • Providing the jobs that match the employees’ skills and the remuneration that improves the standard of the employees’ living;
  • Ensuring the working conditions in which the health of employees is preserved and the dignity of each employee is respected;
  • Providing the employment benefits that allow our employees to get decent medical care (Voluntary Medical Insurance);
  • Making every effort not to disclose to any third parties the personal information of our employees, with the exception of legal restrictions;
  • Striving to create the work environment conducive to the development of each employee;
  • Listening to suggestions, ideas, demands and complaints of our employees;
  • Engaging in trustworthy negotiations in case of any conflicts, in which an employee of our company is involved;;
  • Ensuring equal treatment and equal opportunities to the employees, regardless of gender, age, race and religion;
  • Protecting the workers at their workplaces from industrial injuries and occupational diseases.