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Cardboard Box for Cakes

Packaging for cakes should fully cope with the most important task, which is to provide transportation of a delicate confectionery product in its original form. For that purpose, the cake must not stick to the packaging material or move freely inside the box.

A cardboard box for cakes can perfectly fulfill that mission! It allows for successful transportation of desserts with weight up to several kilograms.

This is not the only function of the boxes for cakes. It should also fulfill sanitary and hygienic functions, which is to ensure the storage of the food product throughout its shelf life. In this regard, cardboard boxes are unique, as they do not accumulate condensate, interfere with air exchange, or emit any foreign substances.

In the “PECHATNYA” printing house you can get a deal on the cardboard packaging with all those characteristics. Your customers won’t stay indifferent to the effective design of our packaging, inducing them to pick one of your confectionary masterpieces.

Sample packaging for cake


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