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Packaging for Office Supplies

Never underestimate the importance of high-quality boxes for stationery. Good packaging not only draws the attention of consumers, but also fulfills a number of functions.

Properly manufactured cardboard box for stationery should protect the contents. The durability of the box is achieved through the use of cardboard, which can hold the shape well. Outside the box for stationery can be painted; the image on the packaging is usually applied by full color printing that provides superior color, clarity of pictures and text.

The “PECHATNYA” printing house provides the professional services for creation of cardboard box for office supplies. We will choose the appropriate material and manufacture a beautiful and handy packaging. Stamping, plating, use of design cardboard and other materials with unusual texture—experts of “PECHATNYA" know how to turn an ordinary packaging for pencils or paper clips into a miniature work of art.

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