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Quality Box for Toys: Why Is It Important?

Bright and colorful packaging is the first thing that draws the attention of a child when receiving a gift. Quality box is not only pleasing to the eye, but it also creates a special feeling familiar to many of us from the childhood: you cannot wait to open the packaging.

Of course, attractive design is not the only requirement for the cardboard boxes for toys. The packaging shall hold its shape, even when stored carelessly, secure the content and be easy to open by a kid. It is important to make sure that the box has no sharp angles or other elements that could cause injury.

Production of high-quality cardboard packaging can become a challenge. Delicate font work, creation of visual rhythm and the right balance of colors—leave it for professionals. Experts of the “PECHATNYA” printing house are ready to take on the creation of the box from scratch. We take into account the individual characteristics of products and provide unique design that won’t leave indifferent neither kids nor adults.

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