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Cardboard Packaging for Flash Cards

Rapid growth in popularity of flash drives has found its way into the packaging as well, creating demand for a custom cardboard box reflecting the industry standards.

Until recently, cardboard box for flash drives was only available in the low cost segment; but today it replaced the usual plastic not only due to the ideal ratio of quality to price, but also to virtually unlimited printing capabilities: a variety of shapes, colors, art objects, etc.

Despite its apparent simplicity, the box for flash drives is a tech product; with the purpose to protect the drive from damage during storage and transportation, which today has expanded to solve representative and promotional and informational tasks.

According numerous studies, the box for flash drives of an exclusive design often becomes the main incentive for the consumers, i.e. it contributes to sales to a large extent. Experts of the “PECHATNYA” printing house know for sure that the God is in the detail, which is why we will always help you choose an extraordinary design and successfully implement the boldest idea.

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