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Packaging for Cosmetics

The mission of LLC «Tipografiya «PECHATNYA» is to produce safe cardboard packaging that complies with all modern standards of quality.

Our Printing House has the unique technologies of applying metallic and UV- inks, that creates the original packaging design and enables our customers to make the cosmetic products the sales hit. Moreover, in our company packaging for cosmetics may be ordered by wholesale at an affordable price.

Large-scale investments in human resources and technologies allow us to keep up with the times and introduce innovations into the production, that brings the quality of products to perfection.

Our Printing House fulfills the complete cycle of production of cardboard packaging for cosmetics: design and preparation of files for printing, foil stamping, relief stamping, laminating, tipping of plastic windows, etc.

The sample packaging for cosmetics


Special Features of Cosmetic Packaging Manufacture

  • In production of cosmetic products packaging environmentally friendly materials that do not threaten the health of consumers and the environment are used.
  • The box should have the aesthetic appearance, fit the shape of the product and protect it from microbial contamination.
  • Damage of protective coatings and mechanical impurities are not allowed, moreover, the packaging materials must be chemically neutral and do not react with the makeup components.

Bright and Colorful Packaging for Cosmetics

Makeup should be placed in a nicely decorated package. Do not hesitate to order the design and manufacture of gift packaging for cosmetics in LLC «Tipografiya «PECHATNYA», and you will be able to make unique presents to fellow employees, partners or other people that are important for you.

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Interesting Facts about Boxes for Cosmetics

Beauty aids were known in ancient Egypt. Then women used blush, powder, eye shadow and dyed their hair via primitive means. For example, women had to make up their eyes with special powder - cosmetikon and forehead – with copper sulfate. Ash, pumice, sand and crushed brick were used for face washing (in those days soap had not been invented). Makeup products were available only to members of the elite and were kept in special papyrus folds.

Serial production of makeup products was launched only in the XIX century by the French company Eugene Rimmel. To package its products the company used thin cardboard with decorative embossing of the company’s logo.