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Packaging for Socks

Socks are textile products being the goods of prime necessity. Therefore, one of the main tasks of the packaging production is to ensure its low cost while complying with the fundamental requirements for this type of goods. A box for socks should protect them from dust, dirt and damage, ensure easy transportation and storage, and provide the consumers with basic information on the manufacturer and the product itself. Of course, the packaging is also an advertising medium, a means of promoting the goods in the market. Regarding the size of the box, it should be small so as not to take up a lot of space during the storage and transportation, but not too small in order to ensure that the product is freely got out.

Sample packaging for socks


Special Features of Socks Packaging Manufacture

  • Using the machine for tipping film on the cardboard we make special windows in the packaging that allow the buyers to see the packed products and evaluate them without opening the box.
  • To create an attractive design modern types of finish are used such as relief stamping, UV and blister varnishing, etc.

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