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Packaging for Ties

One of the most important functions of packaging is the beautiful decoration of products, and the gift wrapping for ties fulfill this function perfectly well. The original exclusive design makes it the perfect decoration for a gift. Furthermore, the use of a carton for packaging of ties preserves their form and protects them from damage, dust and dirt during the storage and transportation. Therefore, an important requirement to the packaging box is its sufficient stiffness and density of the cardboard which it is made from.

Sample package for ties

Specific Features of Ties Packaging Manufacture

  • Our equipment allows to make a box with transparent film windows, providing the consumer with the opportunity to see the color, texture, pattern and other features of the item packaged in the box.
  • As an extra finishing of the carton, we use such techniques as solid or spot UV-varnishing, relief stamping, foil stamping.

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