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Packaging for Vitamins and Dietary Supplements

LLC «Tipografiya «PECHATNYA» is engaged in manufacturing of high quality cartons for:

  1. Food stuffs
  2. Cosmetics and perfumes
  3. Pharmaceuticals
  4. Household chemicals
  5. Clothing

We have been doing business in the Russian market of packaging materials since 2000 and today we have the image of a reliable partner with loyal prices and an individual approach to each client.

We offer:

  • development of exclusive packaging;
  • selection of the package cut in the catalog of samples;
  • development of brand colors of the products;
  • printing of color proofing prior to stamping of large lots of products;
  • foil stamping;
  • automatic folding and splicing of boxes.

Specific Features of Production:

  • High-quality materials that make the box durable and protect its contents from mechanical damage should be used in the production of packaging for vitamins and dietary supplements.
  • Box elements must be constructed so that they may be processed and air-tightly joined on the automated equipment.
  • Packaging for vitamins must contain neither inks prohibited for use, nor toxic and carcinogenic components.

Exclusive Packaging

LLC «Tipografiya «PECHATNYA» offers the development of individual packaging design in addition to making boxes for vitamins by the customer’s template.

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Interesting Facts about Packaging for Vitamins and Dietary Supplements

Firstly, vitamins in their pure form were derived by Polish researcher Casimir Funk in 1911. Their name comes from the Latin word “vita”, which is translated as “life”. Today, after a century the scientists know several dozens of vitamins, the major part of which is synthesized and used for medicinal purposes.

Vitamins were produced in capsules and pills and were packed in small folding cartons. The first cardboard packaging for vitamins often had an oval or round shape: in those days this flexible material was easier to bend than to fold and to give it a flat square shape.