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Packaging for Pills

The secondary (external) packaging for drugs is traditionally made from cardboard. It is intended to protect against crush, scratches and other mechanical damage of the primary package of the drugs. In addition, it performs such functions as protection from the sunlight, atmospheric moisture and other adverse environmental effects. Therefore, special requirements are set to the quality of the raw materials. It should be thick cardboard, free of harmful impurities and complying with the health standards and regulations. Texts printed on the box must be clear and well-readable to ensure that the consumers receive all necessary information. The advertising opportunities of the drugs packaging should not be underestimated: design that attracts the consumers attention is in the modern world no less important than the functionality.

Drugs are the goods of “forced demand”, so the packaging should not significantly increase the ultimate cost of the products. We offer production of cardboard boxes with the best price-quality relationship.

Sample packaging for tablets


Cardboard Packaging for Pills: from the Beginning to the Present Day

Pharmacists began to use cardboard boxes for storage of drugs at the turn of the XIX century. At that time cutting of cardboard blanks and their folding was done manually. Pharmacists had to make the box in the presence of the customers using a special wooden form to bend the cardboard. In 1879, Robert Gair invented a really convenient folding box. He began to use sharpened stamps for cutting the blanks and the blunt ones for creasing the cardboard, that ensured its smooth bend. As a result, at the time when pressing of powders into pills was invented and the production of pills started in Russia (1895), folding cartons were already used as the packaging material.

Exclusive Packaging for Pills on a By-Order Basis

The use of state-of-art equipment and the latest technologies allow us to produce packages of any size and shape with individual design. We make packaging for drugs that is a really exclusive and unique product.

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