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Packaging for Vials

Vials with drugs belong to a specific group of products, so their packaging must be produced in compliance with all health regulations and requirements and must ensure the necessary conditions for storage and carriage of pharmaceuticals. Cardboard box for vials is the external packaging which is also a marketing tool and advertising medium. Therefore, it performs another function, i.e. effective and high-quality demonstration of the goods. Our state-of-art equipment and the latest technologies allow to produce packaging of different sizes and shapes with a variety of designs in order to attract the consumer attention.

Sample vials packaging


Specific Features of Vials Packaging Manufacture

  • Vials are fragile, so the external cardboard packaging must be strong enough, tough and ensure good protection against mechanical impact.
  • It is important that the texts were printed on the box clearly. They should be understandable even for the elderly, so that the drug components, the conditions of storage, etc. may be easily read.

Exclusive Packaging for Vials on a By-Order Basis

Exclusive packaging allows the manufacturers to lay emphasis on their drugs. Our technological capabilities allow us to offer customers a truly unique product.

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Cardboard Packaging for Vials: from the Beginning to the Present Day

Firstly, vials as the container for metered sterile solutions of drugs appeared in 1885. This form of dispensing drugs was proposed by A.V. Pel, a famous St. Petersburg pharmacist. At that time, corrugated cardboard, the manufacturing technology of which was patented by American Albert Jones fourteen years earlier, in 1871 was already used as packaging for glass bulbs and bottles.