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Cardboard Packaging for Pharmaceuticals

Cardboard is a natural material with excellent features. Friendliness to the environment and price affordability make it the main material used in the manufacture of packaging for a range of goods, including the pharmaceuticals.

LLC «Tipografiya «PECHATNYA» is engaged in the production of cardboard packaging for drugs, vitamins and dietary supplements. Our products include packages of different configurations, sizes and design. Boxes manufactured by LLC «Tipografiya «PECHATNYA» are ideally suited for the promotion of new drugs and for maintaining the consumer interest to the drugs that are already sold in the market.

For our clients we offer cardboard of any density. Experts of our Printing House will develop the design and construction of the product taking into account the shape and weight of the goods placed in the box. We make every effort to ensure that our products meet the highest European standards and comply with all requirements of our customers.

Specific Features of Pharmaceuticals Packaging Manufacture:

  • The construction of the cardboard packaging for drugs should ensure the complete protection of the drugs from adverse effects of external factors, as well as from microbial contamination.
  • Materials which do not contain any harmful substances, prohibited inks, toxic and carcinogenic components and do not emit intense odor are used for production of packaging.
  • Only non-transparent materials (in order to protect the contents from the sunlight) are used in the production.

Sample packaging for Pharmaceuticals

Individual Approach

At the customer’s request we will manufacture an exclusive box for drugs with security-paints. In addition, we manufacture packaging printed with pearlescent, fluorescent and metallic inks.

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Some Facts from the History of Packaging for Pharmaceuticals

In the ancient times, the basic material for the storage of drugs was clay. First clay containers for drugs appeared in the 4-3 millennia B.C. The oldest extant packaging is a small ceramic jar discovered in 1922 in the mountains of the western Iran. According to the archaeological data the age of the finding is about five thousand years.

In the ancient times small leather pouches were used to store medicines along with clay jars. A few centuries later paper boxes started to be used. Package made from paper was much lighter and cheaper than its cloth and leather foregoers.