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Pharmaceuticals Packaging

LLC «Tipografiya «PECHATNYA» has been in the printing market since 2000. Today we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying cartons for storage of:


The quality of our products always meets the customer’s requirements. Today, the logo «Tipografiya «PECHATNYA» is the mascot of success of a number of domestic manufacturers of cosmetics, perfumes, clothing, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Only products in a bright, unique and high-quality packaging will be in demand of the consumer. Therefore, the packaging design is one of the main factors in giving credence to the manufacturer. The quality and exterior appearance of the packages from «Tipografiya «PECHATNYA» immediately draw attention to the product and increase sales and brand recognition.

Our services include: development of a package drawing for your products and preparing it for printing. We also make the making-up and paste-up of the layout original, revision (color and text correction), development of “brand-colors” and color standards.

Sample packaging for Pharmaceutical