About the company

We strive to build long-term relationships with our employees. Training the company's personnel is an investment in our future. Qualified employees not only provide stability and efficiency of work, they manifoldly increase the company value. Training of employees is an important part of the motivation system, which should encourage employees to realize their personal interests through the achievement of the company objectives.

Our Vacancies

In our work with the employees, we are committed to building long-term relationships.

We take seriously the interests of each employee of our company, so we are responsible for:

  • Providing the jobs that match the employees’ skills and the remuneration that improves the standard of the employees’ living;
  • Ensuring the working conditions in which the health of employees is preserved and the dignity of each employee is respected;
  • Providing the employment benefits that allow our employees to get decent medical care (Voluntary Medical Insurance);
  • Making every effort not to disclose to any third parties the personal information of our employees, with the exception of legal restrictions;
  • Striving to create the work environment conducive to the development of each employee;
  • Listening to suggestions, ideas, demands and complaints of our employees;
  • Engaging in trustworthy negotiations in case of any conflicts, in which an employee of our company is involved;;
  • Ensuring equal treatment and equal opportunities to the employees, regardless of gender, age, race and religion;
  • Protecting the workers at their workplaces from industrial injuries and occupational diseases.


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