About the company

Join a team of professionals!

We strive to build long-term relationships with our employees.

We take seriously the interests of every employee of our company, and we are responsible for:

 Provision of work corresponding to the skill level of the company's employees, and compensation for its implementation, raising the employees' living standards;

 Ensuring proper working conditions to preserve the health of employees and respecting the dignity of each employee;

  Provision of a social package (corporate delivery, reduced-price meals, corporate work clothes, voluntary medical insurance); 

 Every effort is made to keep confidentiality of the employees' personal data, with the exception of legal restrictions;

 Every effort is made to create working conditions encouraging the development of each employee;

 Listening to proposals, ideas, demands and complaints of the Company's employees;

 Entering into trusting negotiations in the event of any conflicts an employee of the company is a part of;

 Ensuring equal treatment and equal opportunities for workers regardless of gender, age, race and religion;

 Protecting employees from industrial injuries and occupational diseases.


Send us your CVs to ok@pechatnya.ru or contact us by phone +7 (812) 321-14-27.  

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